We are a collective of writers whose aims are to create and endorse working movements geared toward positive representations that identify with or mirror the unequivocal female experience.
These efforts are aimed to effect and transform the common structures of literature, music, television, theatre, film, and the many other forms of entertainment media containing methods of construct which tend to overlook the woman’s authority.
Our mission is to empower actions that continue to promote equality, healthier life choices, fair treatment, and collaboration amongst all Heroines and Heroes alike.

SINCE 2015,

Heroine Spoken Words, Inc. has successfully endorsed artists, writers, and entertainers in the Southeastern, United States area. Our mission is to garner positive images of women in media with performance and production. We do this by encouraging global collectivism toward woman’s rights, providing online and live-event platforms to celebrate femininity and speak out on discrimination, and to remind all women that they are #Heroines.

We’ve opened opportunities to share on platforms like Tallahassee Pride’s Pridefest GirlZRock, T‘Keyah Peterson Femme Fatale, and Mariah Henry’s Sound Check, all shows that were ran and hosted by outstanding women in the area. We have also supported artists like Lena “Fellatia Geisha” NW, painter, rapper, and video game developer who holds an uncensored stance on today’s culture toward sexual violence, and djay and songwriter Mariah “Jamour” Roman, who artistically designs demonstrations of the power of woman and the intricacy of woman’s evolving sexuality.

Also aiming to highlight “woman who mean business” (a slogan used by the staff at the Tallahassee Woman Magazine headquarters), we have written articles for women like the sisters and owners of Mandisa Ngozi Art & Braiding Gallery who created their Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo to encourage women to love and take care of herselves in all the shapes and textures she may come.

The Origins of
Heroine Spoken Words

This organization was inspired by an all-girls, spoken word troupe I joined in 2013. We were six undergraduate colleagues that collaborated to produce “dope word pieces only,” appropriately titling ourselves Heroine any time we performed together. Each woman was known to unapologetically share her opinions on the current representations of the female identity. 

For two years, we used literature by means of poetry, rap, and song to properly expose womanhood, and soon our plight to cease discriminatory gender norms gained much exposure around the city. As our reach expanded, we invited more and more women to be apart of this Heroine-movement. Immediately, I saw the beneficial effects of providing more platforms for women to speak up and to stand out, so in 2015, Heroine Spoken Words, Inc. was established as a nonprofit organization to help fund projects that specifically cater to those ideals.

I am excited to say that the #Heroine-movement is still fast-forwarding with people joining in and adding to the thread. We want to continue showcasing that all women have the capability of being a Heroine, adding Heroes and all others who identify with the diverse female experience, to positively broadcast the beautifully complex feminine identity. I encourage you to join this movement by creating a cause, donating to a fund, or simply take the time to speak up on femininity.

Together, we have the power to change and save the world!

Gaetscha S. Marcelin
President, Editor-in-Chief

Our Inspiration

The sponsors, advisors, and volunteers that supported our mission since the forefront of our startup, and have continued to do so over the years. We are extremely grateful for all of the help extended toward our mission. Thank you!

  • Olusegun Williams
  • Richard Marcelin
  • Mariah “Jamour” Roman
  • Karven Jeannot
  • Sally G. Kebeau
  • Sofia Lucien
  • Nefetari Dennard
  • Julius Joseph
  • Nafisa Parween
  • Zyon Williams
  • Cynthia “Rose” Portalitin
  • T’Keyah “Nyviya” Peterson
  • Lewis S. Thurston II
  • Nekala R. Alexander
  • Lena N. Weissbrot
  • Daniel Wind
  • Brianna J. Spires
  • Breauna L. Roach
  • Sia A. Walker
  • Denice “Nece” Jones
  • Chikodi X
  • Valencia Jones
  • Troy Kushim Rey Bacon
  • Jamila “DJ Ashé” Tull
  • Gina Mae Jones
  • Lisa M. Weinberg
  • Rebeca E. Ortiz

Special thanks to Jessica Hill, Christina Parks, La-Toya Scott, and Shantara and Jakia Propst for gifting me the research and the examples to flower this idea.