Heroine Spoken Words, Inc.  Writer’s Guidelines

HSW, Inc. is looking for long term, short term, and even one-time writers to fill our pages. We are accepting columns, poems, short stories, and fashion/photo submissions. Submissions are not limited to any persons of specific gender, religious views, sexual preferences, creative ideas, etc. We’re just looking for royalty-free concepts that harmonize with our mission.

Thank you for your interest!


Step One

To submit, please write a query letter (one page max) that explains your concept, how long (i.e. how many pages) you think it will be, and all sources and experts used for reported pieces. Also, mention why you believe this idea would appeal to the Heroine Spoken Words community.

Mail to 2351 W. Atlantic Blvd. #669177 Pompano Beach, FL 33066, or email submissions@heroinespokenwords.org with:

  • one-page query letter
  • a daytime phone number
  • your primary email address

If sending via email, please mention the word “Inquiry Submission” and what kind (article, photos, etc.) in the subject field.

Accepted queries will be notified by email within 14 days of retrieving your letter. Because of the volume of emails, we cannot guarantee a response to every submission. Queries that are not accepted will not receive a response.


Step Two

After receiving a response, send a hard copy of your articles to:

2351 W Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33066

Please keep in mind that any submission that does not follow the guidelines will not be considered. All unsolicited pitches will marked as spam.