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Our future goals

Starting in 2020, we’re giving #Heroines scholarships of $1000 to any student who is expecting to attend any post-secondary institution. Studies should be proven to host a curriculum expanding in Literature, Film/Media/Stage, and/or Women’s education (apply here).

Some of our projections include establishing extracurricular Literature and Voice programs, and developing our database for book collections and donations. Your donations will also help with future book swap events that will be used to unify literature with uplifting discussions among youth, student, and adult readers. We hope to soon build a physical inventory of equipment to create (and curate) events, performances, broadcasts, and other media that encourage more representations of and by women.

All donations to Heroine Spoken Words, Incorporated are tax deductible and will be used to fund these and future projections that harmonize with our mission.


Since 2015,

Heroine Spoken Words, Inc. has successfully endorsed artists, writers, and entertainers in the Southeastern, United States area. Our mission is to garner positive images of females in media with performance and production. We do this by encouraging global collectivism toward woman’s rights, providing online and live-event platforms to celebrate femininity and to speak out on discrimination, and to remind all women that they are #Heroines.

We’ve opened and shared opportunities on platforms like Tallahassee Pride’s Pridefest GirlZRock, T‘Keyah Peterson Femme Fatale, and Mariah Henry’s Sound Check, all shows that were ran and hosted by outstanding women in the area. We have also supported artists like Lena “Fellatia Geisha” NW, painter, rapper, and video game developer who holds an uncensored stance on today’s culture toward sexual violence, and djay and songwriter Mariah “Jamour” Roman, who artistically designs demonstrations of the power of woman and the intricacy of woman’s evolving sexuality.

Also aiming to highlight “woman who mean business” (a slogan used by the staff at the Tallahassee Woman Magazine headquarters), we have written articles for women like the sisters and owners of Mandisa Ngozi Art & Braiding Gallery who created their Capital City Natural Hair & Health Expo to encourage women to love and take care of herselves in all the shapes and textures she may come.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

You can help!

  • Start a Campaign for a Cause
  • Become a Writer
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Become a Partner
  • Donating to upcoming projects

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All donations go to…

  • The Heroines Scholarship Program
  • Community outreach events, free to the public
  • Book collection, donations, and book swap events
  • Publishing/binding works by featured writers (must apply)
  • Instructional writing and performance lessons (2020)

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Click here to donate to the Heroines Scholarship Program and other upcoming projects!

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Read our first article!

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Active volunteers
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People Impacted
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Some of the success stories


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