Revolutionaries in the Moment: Preserving the Image of Black Hair Culture (Hard Copy)


featuring Valencia Jones and Tyra Ferrell, by Gaetscha Marcelin

With upcoming ambitions set to ensue, two women get together to make sure that their favored follicles define their culture as an illustration of their ancestral history and their distinct upbringing, as well as an exposition of their most valuable experiences. Jones could not have imagined that one day her admiration of Ferrell’s work would not only be reciprocated, but instantaneously developed into a revolutionary bond.



Zines from The Heroine Herald features articles and essays on the extraordinary achievements and long-term efforts made for and by women. Authors from all nations and nationalities submit pieces on their personal experiences, or to share their diverse stories of the heroines and heroes they come across. This zine was written and published by the staff at Heroine Spoken Words, Inc.

  • Format: Print Magazine
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  • Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ , 8 pages
  • Publisher: Heroine Spoken Words, Inc.

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